This will be a compiled list of all the Datacrons I've personally found showing how I found them and hopefully helping the rest of you get to them as well.  There are some tips and tricks that make getting them much easier that I've discovered through trial and error - I'll make sure to share these with you as I come to them.

Currently these will be republic specific or available to both factions, I plan to eventually level some Imperial characters and will add to this list at that point.

All locations I give will be from hovering over the minimap and not from opening the large map.  I find the location co-ordinates to be so confusing from various sources because I never know what they're referring to.  Having Cursor X,Y and Player X,Y (that changes when you move!) and a different Player X,Y when on the mini-map is just bad coding.  Maybe they'll fix this eventually, but I'm not counting on it.

I'll also list the planets in Alphabetical order for ease of finding them.


Map showing the locations of all Datacrons on Alderaan


Map showing the Datacron locations on Balmorra



Coruscant Datacron Locations


Image of all datacrons on Hoth


Map showing the Datacron locations on Quesh

Ord Mantel:
Map showing the Datacron locations on Ord Mantel

Map showing the locations of all Datacrons on Tatooine


  1. im soz, this is probably a stupid question but on hoth, what droid is the one circled?

    1. Its for the strength Datacron there - check out the full writeup about that one and you'll understand.