Monday, 30 April 2012

SWTOR - Defense Guardian 1v1 World PvP on Ilum

A while ago I decided to start recording all my 1v1 PvP on Ilum while I was out doing the daily/weekly quests. I started to find more and more 1v1 situations since people basically stopped going en masse and realized that I was pretty good at it.  After checking in on the official forums to find people always saying that Tank Spec'd Guardians were crap in PvP I really wanted something that I could use to refute that.

In the end I didn't end up getting a lot of footage, maybe one fight per day for a week or so before the patch rolled out and completely killed it.  Now I've finally gotten around to putting that all together - hopefully you can still get something out of it.

Here are the fights:

0:00 - Nolgoda
0:34 - Sheepskin
2:11 - Isabo
2:45 - Ereziel
3:28 - Kathris
3:50 - Pins
4:40 - Aliza #1
5:43 - Aliza #2
6:28 - Aliza #3
7:46 - Nova
8:30 - Syleth #1
9:29 - Syleth #2

Some 2v2 Stuff:
10:23 - Me and Soupcan VS Sespa and Redrum
11:42 - Me and Soupcan VS Rikkus and Shoba

Some general strategy about what I try to do to survive and kill stuff:

Save my defensive cooldowns for when I really need them.  Certain ones work better than others depending on who you're fighting.  I always save Enure for very last, there are times when I've killed people a second or two before it wears off.

Stack armor debuffs ASAP.  Guardian slash and Sundering strike need to go on really quickly to increase my damage output.  

Interrupt core skills.  Guardians have a very short cooldown on our interrupt, so use it to best effect.  Many builds rely on certain skills firing to get a proper rotation.  Learning which skills those are will save you lots of headache later.

Don't layer stuns on mindlessly.  Save your stuns for when you want to do something specific.  For example, I like to stun before using Master Strike to get in some extra damage without having to worry about them running away from me.

Use your snare as much as possible.  You are very susceptible to being kited around, which you'll see some of in the video.  If you're stuck out of range and your leap is on cooldown then you're out of luck.  Everyone has a snare, you can bet they'll use theirs, make sure you use yours.

If you are being kited run the opposite direction, this might put you out of range of their attacks briefly until your leap is ready again, then reverse and jump back in.  Watch out for a knockback at this point, drop your snare quickly.

Don't use your CC breaker for Mez's - always wait for a stun when you need to break it so you don't die.


  1. I LOVE this video!! Every where I look/ask everyone says defense tree is shit in pvp and you proved them all wrong. I tipp my hat to you good sir you gave me insperation to make the tankin pvper I planned on making all along. Good job, a very good job sir.

    1. Play what you want to play, don't let other people make up your mind for you. I just do what I have fun with and don't care what other people say. They aren't any more of an expert at things than I am. Hey - I saw a sentinel the other day that had stacked defense in his augments, I was thinking ... "I wonder what kind of boost he gets from that ... maybe I should try it".

      Glad you enjoyed the video - I actually think a defense guardian is a beast in PvP. I rarely lose a 1v1 fight with my cooldowns avaliable, and I know I'm very hard to kill against a team that isn't extremely well co-ordinated.

    2. Yea a sent spec for dps with tank gear/mod would do some serious damage, but nothing comes close to the guardian tank. Very good support/damage and survivability. All round good advanced class. Glad I made one

    3. I don't know what you saw there.. Sentinels by the way have way more survivability that Guardians.. 30% aoe protection . self heals.. Guarded by the force 99% DR Force Cloak every 45s. The whole video looked like a struggle to barely get out any damage.. and there was no tanking involved because the other classes were healers probably undergeared.JG are fun to play but they need love.. the class is out of whack in comparison to some others.