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Malvolio's Story - Day 3

Got up today and checked the mail - there was a note from some guy named Harson Nild talking about my work for the SIS.  Apparently they finally made the arrest of that woman that was spying and their agent said "I performed with dutiful competence and professionalism" ... I think he confused me with someone else.

I had some time to kill before my scheduled flight, so I checked in with Forris to see if he had any new tricks for me.  He had an upgraded plasma cell that just came in from off world and let me give it a test drive.  He also modded my rifle with a switch to fire a High Impact Bolt, he says it's very powerful and should up my damage output considerably.  I'm sceptical, but willing to give it a shot.

Finally I hopped over to the taxi guy and tried to buy a ticket to Oradam Village.  When I looked at the flight map Oradam wasn't on it ... When I asked the vendor if there was a flight path there he assured me there was, but when I looked back at the map my only option was to fly to Falk's Reach.

After a bunch of cursing and me threatening the droid with a heavily modified blaster rifle he told me that I can only fly places that I've already been.  What kind of system is that?  If I was already there I wouldn't need to fly there would I?  I tried threatening him, pleading, bribing, promising sexual favours ... nothing worked.  I had to walk.

I figured while I was running anyway I'd try out my new blaster bolt - I found a droid in the middle of the road that started babbling something about danger.  I admit I wasn't paying much attention till he mentioned that his owner was a woman - damsel in distress anyone?

On the way to find her I ran in to a group of Seps and decided to try out my new high impact bolt.  So I ran in, blaster blazing, flipped the switch to fire the bolt ... nothing happened.  I kept mashing the trigger while standing there like an idiot, the gun kept clicking, but nothing was coming out.  Finally I flipped back and fired a regular shot again to make sure the gun wasn't broken.  Then I flipped back and tried the high impact bolt again.  Fail.  Apparently Forris was playing a prank on me.

I ended up just switching back and blasting away normally.  I was really getting slaughtered and almost died!  Then my gun bleeped and flashed.  It almost blinded me, but when I flipped the switch for the bolt as a last ditch attempt to survive, it fired!  The guy was kind of started, but it was no where near the kind of damage I was expecting.  Does it need to charge or something?  I tried firing it again, but nothing happened.  I'll have to ask Forris when I see him next.

When I finally found the woman engineer she complained that I wasn't here earlier.  So much for my visions of a damsel in distress.  Instead she told me she wasn't leaving until she fixed the generator.  Apparently if it overheats bad stuff will happen back at the fort.  I was tempted to leave it in the hopes that the stupid taxi droid suffered - in the end I agreed to help.  Any chance I get to slaughter people in the name of "help" is well worth it.  At least Celestra was suitably grateful, though my ask for a "reward" *winwink* was met with a pair of bracers and some cash ... if I wanted supplies I could requisition them, can't requisition a kiss - or can you?
Adult Grazers just standing there

Back on my way I came across a herd of non-migrating Adult Grazers.  They just stood there, staring at me ... for like 10 minutes.  So I killed a few of them - still nothing.  Maybe they're just too used to the blaster fire?  Maybe they sleep standing up?  Maybe they're deaf and blind?  Who's to say.

I ended up taking a wrong turn and found this Republic camp on the edge of a lava pool.  Not sure what they were doing there, none of them would talk to me.  So I unloaded all my crap on to the medical droid - isn't it great how these guys will buy anything?  I mean, what use would I have for gas cylinders or supply packs.  He even bought the hides I skinned off the Grazers.  I was also relieved to find a Transport droid on the premises.  Surely he would fly me to Oradam Village.  So I talked to him and he greeted me and seemed happy to see me ... then he told me that he couldn't fly me anywhere - like, at all.  Not even back to the Fort where I came from originally.  What is up with these things?  I tried threats, I even pulled out my gun and tried to shoot him, I was pretty frustrated.  Again that stupid clicking happened and nothing came out.  I need a new gun, this one is obviously faulty.

Not far from the camp I stumbled into a Scavenger camp, they attacked me before I could explain that I was just passing through.  I managed to kill a few of them, and when I looted their corpses I found the supplies that Needles had sent me out here looking for - bonus!  Then I got chased by a whole mob of them - when I tried to run they just kept coming and in the end ... I died.

Malvolio's First Death
I thought I was done for, of all the places to die I was going to bite it on this random planet in the middle of nowhere trying to do a job that I didn't care about.  Then suddenly this voice echoed in my head "To call a medical probe and revive here, say 1 - To be teleported to the medical center in Oradam Village, say 2".  I was confused, but as soon as I heard they could teleport my corpse to Oradam Village and I wasn't going to have to walk there after all I said "2".  And poof! There I was.  I checked my reflection - still had the scar.  I asked why they didn't fix that while they were bringing me back to life and all - but got no answer from the medical droid, apparently all he can do is sell or buy stuff - no talking.

First thing I did was go yell at the Tansport droid - he was so ashamed of his friends that he assumed me he could fly me back to the Fort AND to the camp I had just visited - finally, someone who listens.

Then I checked in at the house of Zak - the door was open, there was just this green glowing field across the entrance - don't people use doors any more?  Inside I found Zak and his wife, both suffering from radiation sickness.  After a bit of prodding Zak finally told me where the bomb is.  His wife wasn't nearly as co-operative, but I made a deal for the information, they held up their end, so I gave them the medicine.  I got an incoming call on my holo and was planning to pick it up on my way out, but I ran in to a group of assassins in the outer room.  How did they find me?  Even I didn't know I was going to be here at this point in time.

I made short work of them, my gun keeps beeping and flashing (apparently randomly) letting me know my new bullet is working.  I'm considering just having the switch removed, this is kind of annoying.  And when I fire it off once I have to wait for it to bleep and flash before I can use it again - what kind of weapon has downtime like that?

After the fight I answered the Holo - it was Jorgan (surprised?) - I was kind of shocked when he said "Good Work" - maybe he's coming around?  I got called back to the Fort for further instructions - not sure why I couldn't get my new assignment on the fly, but what can I do?

I decided to call a shuttle to come pick me up instead of relying on the Transport service, so while I waited I took a look around the town.  I found a Board posting offering bounty for savrip chieftans - cool deal.  Also ran into this guy named Gizmel Gam who sounded like he'd had a little too much Gizmel himself.  He started rambling and I tried to get him to the point, then he got all hurt feelings and threatened not to tell me what he wanted.  I waited him out and he finally got around to what he wanted.  Apparently my idea of shooting villagers was a bad one, instead he wants to give them presents for not being loyal - not sure where the logic is here, but he's the government guy, not me.  Turns out it went down on Savrip Island, I'm going to head there for the bounty anyway so I'll check it out.

Also ran into an old man that blamed me for beating him up and stealing his daughter.  I set him straight that he had the wrong guy - then he started whining to me about his daughter.  If he wanted my help he shouldn't have accused me of a crime in the first place.  I told him to forget it, but he started pleading and I agreed just to get him to leave me alone.  Apparently she was taken back to the fort - since I'm on the way back there anyway I can check it out.

My shuttle arrived and whisked me back to the base - I had them drop me off at the cantina so I could ask around about the girl before reporting in.  I found out that some guys had come through with her and taken her to a nearby warehouse - odd no?  I went there to check on things and found a couple soldiers beating on the girl.  When they spotted me they tried to claim this was some kind of top secret operation - do I look like an idiot?  I asked about the old man who was beat up and they basically admitted to it.  The girl called for help saying that they were torturing other people in here - then he hit her again and tried to rationalise things by telling me the courts are overworked and such nonsense.  I wasn't going to put up with that crap - then he tried to get me to work for them ... in the end I had to pull my blaster to get them to co-operate.  I was kind of itching to use it too after watching them beat the girl - too bad they backed down.

Hanging out with some of the local wildlife
When I went in to report I met up with Virk - I had no idea who he was until he mentioned his illegal activities.  From there it just became a game of threat/counter threat ... in the end he tried to attack me with a few of his lackeys and I stretched them all out in the dirt.  I wasn't sure what to do at that point, so I just left the bodies behind after looking around to see if anyone heard anything.  Fortunately all was quiet elsewhere.

When I went to report I found out that I'd been left behind - apparently I'd taken too long to get here and the rest of the team was already out retrieving the bomb.  Stupid shuttle taking forever to come get me.  Jorgan sounded surprised that I'd been ordered to stay behind, I was surprised too - I mean, I've been proving myself left and right haven't I?

It didn't turn out to be a good choice either, because shortly after I got there the whole team vanished, no video, no audio.  No way it would have happened if I'd been there.  It didn't take Jorgan long to give me authorisation to head in there solo and figure out what happened.  Me, break in to a stronghold that the whole Havok team couldn't infiltrate?  Yeah I'm up for the challenge.

As a side bonus, on my way out the bodies were gone, so I didn't even have to explain what happened.  This is my kind of day.

Jorgan also gave me a new moddable rifle which I happily accepted.  As soon as I was out of sight I fell to petting it and seeing how I could alter it to make it even better.  I had a crystal sitting around from my early signing bonus with the military, and Jorgan gave me an extra mod to go with it as well - so that was a nice start.
New Rifle for Malvolio
Before I left I also stopped by to talk with Forris again.  We had a semi-nice chat where he assured me that the High Impact Bolt was supposed to work like that.  He even modded my new gun for free.  I made sure he explained everything thoroughly this time.  He was impressed with my new rifle as well - apparently with the new model you can overload it and blast ionizing energy out of the barrel.  It has limited range, but has a cone shaped area of effect - we'll see how it works out.

Posing with the new rifle for the camera


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