Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SWTOR PvP - Tanking The Voidstar

I think Voidstar is my favorite match to play.  There is lots of killing but still the main focus is on objectives.  On my Shadow I definately have the most fun.  With a few players that know what they're doing I can almost chain cap objectives with my shadow.  The combination of stealth and sprint makes him a perfect player for this map.  For a JG tank though your job is to get into the thick of things and make an overall nuisance of yourself.

Time 00:23 - Jumping right into the middle and trying to get people's attention.  Unfortunately no one is attacking me, I burn my AOE taunt to help and I focus on Gerta because he does nasty AOE damage as well as missile spamming me whenever I'm not watching.

Time 1:00 - I can see the other door is winning, so I head to the losing door and try to hold as many people there as possible so the winning door has time to plant.

Time 1:40 - Tactical retreat yeilds results when the heal box is still there.

Time: 1:50 - I notice that there is only one red guy by the doors and 3 green guys, that means we'll have a chance to plant soon, so I get rid of the other red guy and try to block while they plant.  Unfortunately my throw filled his resolve bar and he was able to interrupt still.

Time 2:14 - Big fiery explosions sure make life difficult for melee, I have a hard time picking targets or seeing what is going on.

Time 2:32 - Trying to save a teammate, just a second too late.

Time 3:00 - Why I kill Gerta as fast as possible.

Time 3:33 - Flying in the air just makes you my primary target.

Time 3:40 - Getting in the middle of melee and trying to pull as much damage to myself as possible.  They don't end up focusing on me until about 3:53 - and then missiles kill me pretty quickly.  I like to think that keeping them busy helped my team plant on the other side, which is what you see next.

Time 4:20 - Tunnel guarding.  I end up peeling 3 of them for a short period toward the end.  Goal achieved.

Time 5:16 - Back into the thick of things.  At 5:20 I turn around to show you 8 enemies on my screen - that's their whole team.  Which means the other side is completely undefended, and we get a plant there as well.

Time 5:44 - This sorc really wants me to stay and fight him.  So I do, and he ends up being pretty ineffectual, I snag the healing buff and someone else pops out to attack him so I leave to help the rest of my team.

Time 6:55 - If there was more time left you'd likely see me die horribly after jumping into this group of them, but time runs out.

You'll see that mostly I try to fight facing the door, so I can see if someone is getting in behind me.  Too few people do this and I'm constantly surprised how many times the door is capped behind a group of 3 or 4 people.

Time 8:00 - Riding the lightning while the other door gets planted - my biggest frustration is that it never seems to be the door that I'm defending that has issues.  I really wish people would be more vocal about what is happening.  If'm the last defender at a door I make sure to let people know we're about to lose it.

Time 8:30 - Still just trying to block and hold them back as long as possible.

Time 9:05 - Two of us keeping 3 of them busy, not idea, but it works.

Time 9:40 - Killed by missile spam once more.

Time 10:05 - Trying to catch up to stop these guys from opening the shield.  I get a bit of help and succeed, but they open it over by the entrance anyway.

Time 10:40 - This is when our AOE Mez is the king of all skills, setting up a bomb disarm.  I get in there and drop it just in time to stop the interrupt and let us disarm the bomb.

Time 11:07 - Got in my 2.5k hit medal with a well done execute

Time 11:13 - Flatten someone trying to run away, I love doing this.

Time 11:37 - Single-handedly defending a door until help shows up, then 3v3ing.

Time 12:12 - Sitting down from a well deserved rest.  I love leaping out at someone from a sitting position, they are never expecting it.  Makes me feel like Qui-gon in Episode I.

Middle of the pack finish, as usual.  Good enough for me.


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