Tuesday, 14 February 2012

SWTOR - Balmorra Datacrons - Cunning

Co-ordinates: X: -10 Y: 1515
Codex Entry - Galactic History 56: The Botherhood of the Sith

The Cunning Datacron is located in the droid factory (X: -1021 Y: 1508).  You'll be sent here on various quests, during one of them you'll have to sabotage the droid assembly lines.  This is the perfect time to grab the datacron since you're down in the proper area to start with.

From the Upper Markaran Outpost you can head almost directly south past the Listening Post and continue onward until you find the factory.  It isn't hard to the locate, it's the huge building that looks like it is coming out of the mountain.

Heading inside the factory you'll want to make your way through the main room, then head west (right) and take the far west elevator downward.

At the bottom of the elevator just follow the path until you get to the main assembly room.  Here jump up on the first set of controls on your right (should be looking down at one of the conveyor belts).  This is the second from the right belt - jump down on top of it, then down onto the floor.  Beneath the belt on the west side (where you jumped down from) you'll see a small opening (X: -1023 Y: 1514).

Head through the opening under the belt, then look downward.  You'll see the Datacron far below you.  From here you have to jump onto the pipes and make your way down to the datacron, your last jump should have you landing directly atop the datacron.  These jumps are very easy to miss, so make sure you are lined up properly.  When I say jump, I mean something more like, "walk forward in the correct direction."

Map Pictures Follow:
World View of the Cunning Datacron
Local View of the Cunning Datacron

Actual view of the Cunning Datacron


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