Tuesday, 14 February 2012

SWTOR - Balmorra Datacron - Aim

Co-ordinates: X: 189 Y: -339
Codex Entry - Galactic History 53: The Conclave at Deneba

The Aim Datacron on Balmorra is actually quite close to the starting point, just a bit north and across a bridge.  Prior to getting it though, you'll have to head over to Ba'Teil and buy a Code Cylinder from him.  You'll need the cylinder to unlock the case that the Datacron is in.

Once you have the Cylinder just head north from the starting area, follow the road to the east as it curves around and then down the slope.  Head back to the west, circle to the far side of the broken bridge, then climb up the hill (avoid the elite or kill it as necessary).  On the broken bridge you'll find a locked case, which can be opened to reveal the Datacron inside.

Map Pictures Follow:

Map view of the locked crate

View of the Balmorra Aim Datacron


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