Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Razer Naga

So, I've been playing for a while as a JG and just haven't been able to wrap my head around how to keybind everything and still be able to play the game.  I have pretty big hands, but even I can't reach the 7 key while still using WASD movement.

So initially I branched out and started mapping around my movement keys, I don't use keyboard turning often, but sometimes when my mouse is busy that's the way I do things.  I know it isn't optimal, but it works for me.

So that gave me Q, E, R, F, Z, X, C and alt+ combinations of the same.  That still wasn't enough.

I asked around and the solution seemed to be a special gaming mouse, or special gaming "claw".  I settled on the Razer Naga, a special gaming mouse with 17 buttons.  That sounds like a lot, but 12 of them are thumb buttons set up in a keypad design.

I was skeptical, but a lot of people use it, so I decided to bite the bullet and pick one up.  Today it arrived - and before I've even played with it I love it.

It's awesomely designed, it's big enough to fit comfortably in my hand, and the buttons seem to be optimally designed.  It also lights up! Cool stuff.

So for any of the rest of you that are having trouble, check out a gaming mouse, you might enjoy the difference it makes in your game.


  1. I also picked up a Naga specifically for this game, and I don't know how I would play without one. I also have a Fang Gamepad that I use instead of the keyboard, which gives me 11 more easily accessible keys.

    Skill bloat is a little out of control in this game. BW needs to consider combining some skills and giving us a more easily customizable UI.

    1. Now that I've had it for a few days I really notice a difference in my game play. I still catch myself glancing over to see which button I'm pressing on my mouse, but that's just a learning curve and I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

      I did learn that my thumb naturally rests on the center buttons, so my primary skills are 4-9 rather than 1-6. I also find it easier to hi the 1 and 0 buttons than the 3 and 9 so the former are primary skills and the latter skills I don't use often.

      I would really appreciate having some skills combined, it would make my job a ton easier. Or being able to Macro keypresses - that would solve pretty much all of my problems.

  2. You might try a Logitech G13. I use one for just about everything I play now. It gives you about 24 buttons at your finger tip and a joystick for movement. Just map what you want in the softwware and your good. You can also use it to do small macros as it will record button presses and map them to a key. I do agree that this game is really bloated with skills, but this helps me keep them under some control. I still ran out of buttons though. :)

    1. I actually had a nice claw when I was playing D2 seriously and absolutely loved it. I'd like to get one again - in particularly I liked the thumb joystick for movement it just felt so much more natural than trying to use my middle finger to run forward and such.

      I'm still a n00b keyboard turning at times, and there are instances walking backward works well for me - so using the joystick is just superior in so many ways.

      Practically at the moment though I don't have a desk - my CPU is on the floor and my monitor, keyboard and mouse share a small TV tray table which doesn't leave room for extras. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to expand, the G13 looks really cool - thanks for the recommendation.